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What is have.space?

have.space is your space to have it all. 

Have you ever climbed a tall hill or mountain to reach the top in exhaustion and fatigue only to be renewed when you look over the panorama of Mother Nature? There’s this feeling of triumph and humility at witnessing the beauty that lay before your eyes.

You forget the pain and the sweat that you endured along the journey and revel in the awe-inspiring view. As if what stood before you was your space. A space that you earned through your hard work and perseverance. A space to be grateful for.

have.space is your space. It’s a space filled with stories of hope, authenticity, vulnerability, and expression. A space of education and growth as well as the sharing of struggles and life.

Your Safe Space

At have.space, you have a safe space to come and feel connected to others as well as learn about new things. 

Constantly we are told that we are not good enough. What if there was a space where you learned you were good enough and had resources to improve your self-worth?

You’re not alone in your struggles or feelings. Whether it be trauma, mental illness, or any other life experience or difficulty, there is someone who understands you — actually there’s quite a lot! — and sometimes we just need help finding these people.

have.space is a place where you can learn about yourself and discover tools to help you show up in the world more authentically and vulnerably.

We H.A.V.E. Values

Our values at have.space are:


We believe with these four elements, you are able to live a more healthy and happy life.

A Not-So-Serious Serious Tribe

While life can be challenging and feel very serious at times, we wanted to create a space where you can laugh and release stress. Life doesn’t always need to feel so heavy. That’s why have.space is also a space for play.

But even though we want to welcome silliness and play, we also take personal development and tribe very seriously. We understand the gravity of influence and make sure that we are aware and vigilant of what we are sharing, ensuring it follows our values as well as our ethics of encouraging, not demeaning, others.

Life shouldn’t be lived alone. Not only does biology teach us the science of this, it just makes sense and is more fun when we’re surrounded by community. We need each other. The power of two is greater than one, and a large community is endlessly powerful.

Why? From have.space Founder, Brittany Noelle Roa

I created have.space because I wanted to give people the tools I didn’t have when I was growing up and experiencing life. I endured a lot of hardship that I believe could have been avoided if I had the resources that I do today. I want to provide lessons I learned as well as tools so that you don’t have to feel the way I did and make the same mistakes. I believe knowledge and education can change a person’s life.

The healing never stops. It’s a life-long journey, and I believe by sharing my journey, as well as other people contributing, it gives permission to others to continue their own healing. By knowing that we’re not alone gives us hope and faith for a future timeline of recovery.

As a teenager and young adult, I coped with my trauma and mental illnesses through several addictions. I didn’t know how to live life on life’s terms and I became a slave to something I couldn’t control. I had to learn to take my life back and find self-empowerment through my choices and by making amends to others, as well as myself. I learned to forgive myself and embarked on a life of ownership and accountability.

Back then, I had nothing. Today I have the tools that I need to be able to make healthy choices in various aspects of my life. I want you to be able to live your best and most free life. So welcome to have.space, your space to have it all.

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Kaz Wheeler on

This is such a beautiful, helpful and healing space you have created BRiYA. This site needs to be shared so that others may connect in kind so that is what I shall do. Blessings Kaz

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