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Rediscovering Your Inner Wild Woman Through Authentic Living

There’s something magical about an empowered woman. She’s passionate, confident, playful, creative, sensitive, compassionate, and intuitive—to name a few qualities. When a woman fully owns her power she is graceful and fierce, like fire. She knows when to be forceful and when to be relenting, flowing in the elegant humility of her divinity.

However, when a woman is disempowered, she’s quite the opposite. She is insecure, self-doubting, passive aggressive, jealous, people-pleasing, overly timid or aggressive, and naïve. It’s as if the light inside her went off and she’s desperately searching for different ways to reignite it. Unfortunately, the material things in this life will not suffice. She must look deeper, between crevices, underneath branches, across the river, and fully into herself in order to find what she’s been missing: herself.

The woman’s natural inclination towards protection and preservation can be used healthily or unhealthily. The latter being seen in an aversion to being vulnerable and a lack of trusting her instincts and intuition. She is like a flower that is withering due to valuable nutrients being sent everywhere else except where she needs it most to survive, even if not physically, but spiritually.

A woman who has lost touch with her wildness—her primitive beauty and flow—is a woman who feels like there is some kind of hole or emptiness inside. She tries to fill the abyss with food, relationships, drugs and alcohol, and/or promiscuity, hoping to gain approval from outside sources, when in fact, the approval she desperately needs is self-approval.

To [re]become a wild woman, meaning, to get more in touch with the essential nature of the soul, a woman must remember her true nature of being, her authentic self. And to do this, she must find acceptance of all that she is and re-center and ground herself into the feet that she walks in and the sound of her own voice.

The Wild Woman is a term I learned from reading Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ book, “Women Who Run With The Wolves". Learning about the innate wildness that remains inside me helped me to reconnect with myself and deepen an appreciation for who I am. I highly recommend this book for any woman wanting to remember the true essence and power of herself and reconnecting with the Wild Woman.

Finding full self-acceptance

There’s beauty in saying, “I don’t give a fuck what other people think about me.” This isn’t about ego and a disregard for other people, it’s about a full acceptance of the self, an unyielding love and compassion for who you are. There’s a confidence in not sacrificing integrity for applause.

Society has dictated women’s behaviors and beliefs for, well, ever. And now with technology and mass-marketing, it’s even easier to manipulate and control women. By subscribing to the idea that youth and beauty are the most important currency a woman has today, the authentic inner self shrivels up and atrophies from hiding and not being fully expressed.

The authentic woman is beautiful in her wild nature, in her ability to play in the mud and sweat and turn around and cradle a baby. Yet, how many times are women shamed into crossing their legs, or told it’s “unladylike” to burp? Women are fed messages that are molding them into subservient creatures, when in fact, the woman is an incredibly powerful life-giver.

Inhibitions are granted as ways to gain impulse control and make thoughtful decisions, however, they can become skewed and prevent one from living authentically. Self-consciousness is a good thing to become aware of ourselves, but becomes detrimental when it veers too much towards impeding the spirit rather than progressing it. 

Women often allow themselves to be shackled to ideas of what they “should” be like or what they “should” do. But if adhering to these restrictions provided fulfillment, women wouldn’t feel the soul-call to do and be more.

Full acceptance of the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful will liberate the wild woman inside, unleashing the inner goddess that resides inside all women. Attuning to what is vulnerable and true and authentically sharing is infinitely more powerful than becoming a cookie cutter version of the woman seen through lenses on social media or photoshopped in magazines.

Due to technology, it’s easy to hide behind filters, but what is actually happening is each filter puts a layer between you and the truest you, between you and your “audience.” Judging yourself, and others, based on what you see through a screen is not only an illusion, but is a comparison that you will continue to lose at, for any inkling of comparison is already a failure of authenticity and sisterhood.

Owning the feminine power and the authentic self is an act of bravery. The wild woman is courageous and stands strong in the love she has for herself, despite how many likes she gets on a post or the abuse she may face. 

Ultimately, the full acceptance of self comes from understanding that she is of God. She is a tiny, but brilliant, fractal of the Great Source and Power of the Universe. And by accepting the Self in her full divinity, she comes to understand that we are all One and there is no need for comparison.

Fortunately, there are many ways to rediscover the truth of humankind’s divinity, and ironically, in order to feel more connected to the timelessness in the stars and sky, one must find grounding within herself here and now.

Creating from your true nature

In a world that moves faster than it used to, it’s hard to regain that kind of grounding into the primitive and natural part of the woman that lays in the grass all day, being whispered to from the wind and absorbing truths from the earth.

A woman must intentionally make the time to reconnect with her soulful nature. She must understand the gravity of what it means to be away from her center and authentic self for too long. It is imperative that she not forget her heart and soul, for if she does, she becomes a zombie, wandering mindlessly through life, unfulfilled and lonely.

For the calling of the heart to return to the essential nature of one’s being is strong, so strong it may keep you up at night, crying out to you to remember how to find your way back. Making time to reacquaint yourself with your divinity will help silence this pleading voice that constantly tells you something is missing from your life.

Remembering one’s true nature can be done in many ways. Meditation, painting, singing, walking barefoot through a meadow, gardening, and laughing are some ways to reach back into the core of yourself. You’re trying to touch the essence of who you are, and find enough stillness in the moments-between that fill you with a sense of deep knowing and peace to sustain you.

Inspired creativity is like communing with God. It is a channel that flows divine beauty through each person’s flesh vessel. Since every person is different, every interpretation and channel is different, thus is the appeal of art. While a finished piece is subjectively attractive, a true inspired masterpiece’s process is where the magic lies—and if the message is needed, it will carry the grace and charm in its completion as well.

However, a piece of artwork that is deemed “good” or “bad" isn’t as important as the process. The process of creation touches on a different part of a person, it reflects their soul and their willingness to let go. Humans were meant to create, and therefore, creation is a birthright and an inevitability.

While meditation allows for insights and wisdom to come in through the stillness and silence, creation allows the transmissions to find form. The lost woman can remember her true nature by spending time in nature listening and meditating, and then she can channel her knowledge into her creativity.

You are constantly creating, everyday. From how you dress yourself, cook yourself a meal, or interact with your family and coworkers, you are creating your reality. This is why it’s important to stay vigilant in not creating negativity, but rather, harnessing the feminine energy and channeling it into creating a world of beauty.

The Wild Women

Let your hair down and dance in the wind. Watch as the leaves dance with you, reminding you of your Oneness with everything. There is a part deep within that can only be touched by nature or vulnerable moments with loved ones. It’s the part that remembers that we are interconnected and there is no separation. It’s the part that cries while watching a spider spin its web or smiles while listening to a baby laugh at a butterfly. 

As the world naturally moves towards entropy, humanity must work hard to keep their heads above water. While it is natural to get caught by a riptide and feel as though you are drowning, allowing the darkness to take over, remember that the storm will pass, and if you wait long enough, you can emerge in the stillness.

Women are powerful, this is true. But they have also been oppressed and programmed to not believe in their abilities and strength. By connecting with other women and sharing in the wisdom of the sisterhood, women can rediscover their wildness together and empower each other to embrace authenticity and vulnerability. Finding your tribe to support you can be one of the most important things you do in life.

The Wild Woman is inside all of us, waiting patiently, and impatiently, to be let out. What are you going to do today to let her play?


Brittany Noelle Roa is an interdisciplinary artist with an MFA in Physical Theatre who uses her art and creativity to heal herself and others. She loves learning about health and wellness so she can optimize her human potential to live a full and happy life.

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